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Welcome to the official 54st Hahnweide 2022 homepage.
We warmly welcome our participants from the United Kingdom, India, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Poland, South Africa, the Czech Republic,
Slovenia, the Netherlands and Australia who once again this year will spare neither expense nor effort to participate in our competition!


High Resolution Picture Download
Friday, 27. May 2022 - 15:55

Following frequent requests, we have made a selection of Kathrin's images from the gallery available for download in high resolution. The individual packages can be downloaded from the download page. Caution: the individual archives are quite large!

Are you hungry?
Friday, 27. May 2022 - 14:10


Contains: Potatoes, eggs, carrots, courgettes, onions. Optionally also available with bacon and / or sausage.


Enjoy your meal!

Stunning photos from a professional photographer
Friday, 27. May 2022 - 13:04

We received stunning photos from a local professional photographer. Click here for the gallery.




All Pictures by M. Hermann

If you want to have high resolution pictures, please contact the photographer directly. Contact details can be found HERE (caption).

The day has been cancelled for all classes
Friday, 27. May 2022 - 12:25

The 2nd briefing for the standard class has just taken place.
Meteorologist Jupp predicted no stable competition conditions due to the rather strong high altitude wind and the rather moderate thermals, which are increasingly affected by high cloud fields.


Even though the sun is just making a brief appearance here, the competition management has decided to cancel today for all classes.

Those who still want to fly may do so now.
We wish all other pilots a pleasant day.

Friday, 27. May 2022 - 11:47


Winner of yesterday
Friday, 27. May 2022 - 11:40




Very small weather window - standard class in waiting position
Friday, 27. May 2022 - 10:52

For today there will be only a very small weather window - if at all. Only the pilots of the standard class can hope for another day of competition. All other classes have a rest day. Those who wish may still take to the air.

Next briefing for the standard class is 12 o'clock.

We wish all other pilots a relaxing day off.


Gridding after the briefing
Friday, 27. May 2022 - 07:00

Day 7

Good morning, dear Hahnweid pilots! Our meteorologist is still searching for a weather window for today's competition...
Gridding after the briefing. Enjoy the quiet morning! 

Open class in final glide
Thursday, 26. May 2022 - 18:00

Uli Schwenk & Matthew Scutter on the two-seater ETA are leading the Open Class. They already have final approach altitude and will arrive in a few minutes. 


Winners of yesterday's competition day
Thursday, 26. May 2022 - 14:17







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The 54th HWW is running!

Webcam auf der Hahnweide

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